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Weight Loss with Good Nutrition

May 7, 2010

Is Obesity really an epidemic? In 2005, 60% of Americans are overweight, 30% are obese and it is only getting worse with time. Obesity is linked to over 1 billion deaths worldwide each year.

Did you know that at any given moment, your body is either moving toward or away from good health? The sad truth is that most of us are moving further and further away from the way we are DESIGNED to feel. Our busy lives often leave us stressed, rushed and settling for whatever we can put in our mouths. Sound familiar? What’s worse is that we usually resort to fast foods and snacks loaded with calories, sugars, and additives that lack any real nutritional value our bodies need.

Well, the good news is YOU CAN take control…and living a healthier life may be easier than you think!

Thanks to advancements in science and a better understanding of the human system, quick and simple ways to rebalance your body and improve the quality of your life are now available. Leading the way in wellness, the incredible team at ViSalus Sciences® has developed an exciting array of unique scientifically formulated products that offer you the healthy edge you need to live a longer healthier life.

You can enhance your nutrition with the daily Vi-PAK® total health system. Lose that unwanted weight while feeding your body good nutrition with the new Trim Slim Shape™ weight loss program. Boost your energy and fight that feeling of low energy with the great tasting ViSalus NEURO™ energy drink. Join our Vi-Net community and get the support you need to meet your goals.

These are the products I have chosen to use to insure the best health for myself, and my family. You see I am obese and my husband is also obese. We had tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked until now. A friend of mine told me about ViSalus Sciences®. So in 8 weeks I have lost 29 lbs and my husband after 4 weeks has lost 15lbs. We are now on track to lose the rest of the weight and to be healthy again!

For more information about the weight loss system go to my website and take a free tour. While you’re there, sign up for a free guest account and check out all the great features Vi-Net has to offer. Go to

I am not a fitness guru, I am just like you. I believe that together we can help each other get healthy!

On the my website under Real Success Stories check out Martin and Laurie Crowe Story. He is my inspiration!

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